Expanding Green Infrastructure in Europe

Advancing Europe's energy transition with the largest decentralized battery storage network.

Energy storage for a clean power supply

Invest with us in the European energy infrastructure

Decentralized energy storage plays a crucial role in creating a self-sufficient and environmentally friendly European energy supply system.

Our approach enables industrial companies and other owners of strong grid connections to maximize the efficiency of their existing infrastructure.

As a collaborative investor, you stand at the forefront of shaping the future of the European energy landscape. Our decentralized battery park is an attractive addition to existing portfolios of renewable energies and offers a unique opportunity to shape the European energy future by investing in a highly profitable asset.

Investment strategy

Invest in green assets

Higher returns through multi-revenue potential

Decentralized storage facilities offer the advantage of creating additional revenue streams that extend beyond individual projects. By implementing local use cases, our storage solutions are sustainable and systemically valuable, which is reflected in a correspondingly higher revenue potential.

Decentralisation > Centralisation

The new energy system is based on decentralized energy generation. Our decentralized approach alleviates the primary bottleneck of the energy transition: the power grid.

Efficient development and management

Our efficient execution process leverages existing infrastructure, enabling a unique 'Time-to-Grid.' This allows our batteries to be deployed within a few months, coupled with automated and technology-driven facility management.

Invest with us

For institutional investors

Our Asset-SPV grants you access to Europe´s largest decentralized storage network. Our  vehicle is managed and overseen by a diverse team of industry experts with multiple decades of experience in renewable energy, capital markets and alternative asset strategies.

“Decentralized storage can provide almost all services of large, centralized storage, plus local benefits with higher earning potential.”

Prof. Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer

Head of the Chair for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Systems Technology,
RWTH Aachen


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