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Maximize the potential of your grid connection with our fully funded energy storage solution.

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Maximize YOUR potential

We  maximize your grid connection potential, reducing your energy costs - without any investment required from you

With our battery storage system, we utilize the available capacity of your existing grid connection to stabilize the power grid. In return, you benefit from our attractive financial compensation or free storage capacity tailored to your individual needs.

We handle the entire investment and manage planning, project management, and commissioning completely for you.

Cost Reduction

With our compensation models, you benefit in the long term from your existing infrastructure and significantly reduce your energy costs.

Zero investment required

We cover the entire investment, allowing you to allocate your capital to what truly matters: your business.

One-Stop-Shop solution

We take care of planning, permits, logistics, installation, operation, and maintenance of the storage system - without any hassle for you.


We monetize your grid connection

Regardless of whether you operate an industrial site, commercial properties, or EV charging stations, our solution offers a variety of benefits:

From peak shaving to optimizing your existing or planned solar installation, to providing blackout reserves - we optimize your operations.

Contact us and discover the untapped potential of your existing grid connection.

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Enabling the Energy Transition

Together, we are establishing the largest decentralized battery storage network in Europe. This enables our partners to reduce and stabilize their energy costs while facilitating and accelerating the expansion of volatile renewable energies. Decentralized storage is essential as it corresponds to the new decentralized production system.

Supplying 100% clean, affordable, and sustainable energy

Resilience of the European power grid

Empowering industries through energy independence


The benefits of energy storage without the cost of investing your own capital

Our investment covers the entire cost of implementing battery storage on your site, meaning there is no expense on your end. We, along with our trusted partners, take care of planning, acquisition, regulatory approval as well as the day-to-day operations.

No capital investment required

Fast and 360° installation, smart operation

Maximum storage efficiency tailored to your specific needs


360° Services
from our energy experts

Utilize your resources for your core business. We handle technical pre-qualification, grid access, regulatory approvals, as well as installation, operation, and maintenance of the storage.

With our comprehensive one-stop-shop solution, we cover the entire value chain and remain your reliable long-term partner

Regulatory approvals
Sizing and technical concept
Transport logistics
Construction and installation
Measurement and Monitoring
Day-to-day operations
Maintenance & security

Seamless integration into your operations

Our streamlined digital process ensures fast, efficient, and high quality execution. You don't have to worry about the installation process - we take care of every step for you.

Step 1

First, we determine together the benefits our storage solution can offer you. For this, we only need information about your current connection capacity and your operational usage behavior.

Step 2
Calculation of benefit potential

After receiving your information, we will promptly create a customized offer with your compensation potential. We are happy to accommodate your individual requirements and preferences.

Step 3
Grid access 

With your approval, we will contact the network operator and handle the entire regulatory process to obtain the necessary permits for the battery system.

Step 4
Investment, installation and operations

After obtaining the necessary permits, we finance and install the storage system. Following installation, our team of experienced electrical engineers and local partners conduct a system functionality check to ensure optimal performance.

Step 5
Monitoring and maintenance

Once the storage system is operational, it will be monitored 24/7 by our integrated software system and experienced maintenance team to ensure maximum safety and cost-effectiveness.

Why scale energy

Pioneers in the energy transition: we invest in your site

We offer a comprehensive solution to maximize the potential of your grid connection and cover 100% of the investments in the battery storage.

By utilizing your existing infrastructure, we either provide you with free storage capacity to optimize your operations or offer financial compensation. Unlike financing solutions, there are no financial expenses for you.

No capital expenditure on your part

360° service along the entire value chain

Integration of additional services (peak load shaving, self-consumption optimization, EV charging stations etc.)


Leading lithium-ion batteries from the  #1 global producers

We use battery systems from leading German and international manufacturers that have been in use for many years for various applications. Our safety experts personally determine the optimal location for the batteries on your premises to ensure the highest safety and seamless integration

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