Kick-off for Europe's largest decentralized battery storage network: Scale Energy initiates storage expansion in Germany and Austria

Berlin/Vienna, May 15, 2024 – German energy storage company Scale Energy announced today the start of development for Europe's largest decentralized battery storage network. Scale Energy utilizes powerful grid connections from industrial companies, commercial properties, and other site partners to stabilize thepower grid and advance the energy transition with battery storage. Through apartnership with Scale Energy, site partners benefit from significant energy cost reductions without any capital expenditure: for the use of existing grid connections, site partners can choose between financial compensation or frees torage capacity. By 2030, the company plans to build the largest decentralized battery storage network in Europe, already possessing a project pipeline in thetriple-digit megawatt range at the outset.

Storage is a key component for the energy transition

Energy generation from renewable sources such as wind and solar creates fluctuations in the electricity market. This volatility impacts the energy market with significant price fluctuations and increases the risk of blackouts. By expanding storage systems, these fluctuations in the grid can be mitigated. In Germany alone, the tripling of existing solar energy production capacity is planned by 2030. Without massive expansion of storage capacity, the energy transition and the shift to 100% renewable energy are not feasible – and volatile markets and the risk of blackouts remain commonplace.

Untapped potential in commercial grid connections

In recent years, battery storage projects have experienced a strong upward trend, primarily focusing on centralized large-scale storage projects. However, a crucial aspect remains overlooked: the majority of existing grid connections in the commercial sector have a high proportion of unused capacity. At commercial sites, as much as 90% of potential connection capacity goes unused.

Systemically valuable battery storage with Scale Energy

Scale Energy utilizes the available connection capacity of existing grid connections and thus relieves the power grid with additional storage capacity. This fundamentally increases the expansion of renewable energy from wind and solar installations. At the same time, Scale Energy reduces the need for elaborate large-scale storage projects with high land consumption and corresponding environmental impacts. This sustainable approach promotes the energy transition, reduces expansion costs for grid operators, and advances decentralized energy production.

Financial benefits for commercial sites without capital expenditure

Scale Energy offers site partners the opportunity to be part of the energy transition without capital expenditure. Scale Energy bears the entire investment in storage systems, which is refinanced through the marketing of capacity to the public grid. The site partner can choose between attractive financial compensation or free storage capacity (e.g., for optimizing a solar installation or for peak shavings). This allows industrial plants, commercial properties, and other owners of existing grid connections (e.g., EV charging stations) to significantly reduce their energy costs. Solar and wind parks can also benefit from the attractive opportunities provided by Scale Energy-funded storage. Unlike financing models, Scale Energy does not create liabilities for the site partner: planning, project development, and investment are carried out by Scale Energy.

High benefits for the power grid through decentralization

With Scale Energy's decentralized network, the power grid is sustainably stabilized. The focus on existing infrastructure enables shorter connection times for storage to the power grid, further accelerating the energy transition. Elias Aruna, CEO of Scale Energy, emphasizes: "Our approach significantly contributes to advancing the development of the new energy system. Through our collaborative partnership model, we empower large consumers to enhance their energy independence utilizing our storage solutions."

Professionaland efficient implementation from a sole provider

In the development of turnkey battery storage systems, Scale Energy, together with a European partner network, takes over the entire investment, complete regulatory submission, and technical planning: project sizing, measurement and connection concept, building permits, and system integration (monitoring, control, andmaintenance).

Reliable and secure battery technology

Scale Energy's storage systems, based on advanced lithium-ion technology, are sourced in high-quality, standardized containers from global leading manufacturers. These robust units are renowned for their longevity and excellent safety standards, can be easily adapted to various locations, and allow for quick installation.

Investingin the future

From the investor perspective, Scale Energy partners with institutional investors, providing them with a compelling opportunity to profitably invest in Europe's green future through participation in a decentralized storage network and existing energy transition funds.

Dr. Peter M. Werth, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Scale Energy, emphasizes: "Scale Energy creates a win-win situation for all market participants: lower energy costs and increased supply security for site partners, improved grid stability for grid operators, and an exciting opportunity for institutional investors to expand their renewables portfolio with a highly profitable investment in storage."

By 2030, the company plans to build the largest decentralized battery storage network in Europe, already possessing a project pipeline in the triple-digit megawatt range shortly after its start. Scale Energy thus forms the essential foundation for Grid 4.0, which is in line with the European Union's 2023 "Action Plan for Grids."



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About Scale Energy

Scale Energy is realizing Europe's largest decentralized battery storage network to establish an energy system based on renewable energies. The company installs battery storage systems at grid connections provided by industrial and commercial partners as well as EV charging stations. In exchange for the use of the infrastructure, partners receive either financial incentives or free storage capacities, effectively driving the energy transition and creating benefits for all stakeholders.